Who we are

VetWatch is the veterinary profession’s premier resource center for news and information on the issues that matter most, providing real time information on critical trends and developments impacting the US veterinary medical profession. The VetWatch platform incorporates four core components:

  • Practice Information Management System (PIMS) derived practice metrics for revenue and patient volumes.
  • Practice purchasing volumes for key therapeutic categories.
  • Informative veterinarian and pet owner sentiments, opinions and behaviors and its impact on animal health from a variety of industry partners.
  • A resource center with the most important new information for practices to review and share with colleagues and friends across the industry.

The Goal of VetWatch

To deliver the critical information needed by practices to better assess the scope, velocity, and significance of developments in their local market areas. Users of the site have the option of viewing dates from 1 or more of 236 geographic markets across the United States, making it possible for practices to follow not only national trends, but also the trends within their unique markets.

On behalf of our partners at Animalytix, Animal Care Technologies, M/A/R/C Research, Packaged Facts, Circa Healthcare, NAVC and our sponsors MWI Animal Health, Patterson Animal Health, Midwest Veterinary Supply, Covetrus, and USVA, we welcome you to the site.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know at info@animalytix.com.

About Vetalytix

Vetalytix, a veterinary market insight platform from Animalytix, LLC, is the industry’s largest repository of localized economic insight, regulatory compliance resources and pharmacy support tools, all of which are designed to help veterinary practices compete in today’s challenging economy. Sponsored by numerous stakeholders of animal health distribution and manufacturing, Vetalytix is an open community for all veterinarians and their teams to access.


Chris Ragland, CEO,
Animalytix LLC.

Jono Brooks, VP of Technology,
Animal Care Technologies

Brad Seipel​, Senior Vice President,
M/A/R/C Research

David Sprinkle Research Director,
Packaged Facts

Steve Kirton, President,
Circa Healthcare

Gene O'Neill, CEO,


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